House Democrats Stay on Message

It’s easy for reporters at the state Capitol to quickly tire of the “same old story.” There are lawmakers whose actions any legislative observer can usually predict.
I’ve personally tired of the House Democrats’ “it doesn’t add up,” “the math doesn’t work,” phrases. Those words have been a part of every press availability I’ve attended so far this session.
While I’ve tired of those words, they still make a certain amount of sense.
The term, “cut and starve,” could be the response to “tax and spend.” I’m sure there is some middle ground.
Late this afternoon, House members participated in a roast of sorts of Democratic House member Richard Morrissette. He is often on the prickly end of debates on the floor, holding feet to the fire.
The House I saw came together in support of a member they often disagree with on his bill related to elimination of the red cedar (though I’ve been told it’s redcedar, and I haven’t taken the time to check this out) scourge from Oklahoma’s land.
There were impersonations, questions reflecting tough legislative debates in a playful manner, and a general camaraderie of those we elect to make our laws.
The “debate” left me wondering if the idealogical divide isn’t nearly as wide as it appears.

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