New Job, New Town

I’m putting more energy into this blog after a change of scenery and employment.

After years as the news director at a public radio station serving the Oklahoma City metro, my wife’s job took us to south Tulsa. We now live in Bixby, Okla., but are still keeping our downtown Oklahoma City condo.

Bixby is an interesting community. I’ve learned to tell Tulsa people we live “south” of the river; that seems to make immediate sense. My commute to my job with the Eastern Oklahoma Region of the American Red Cross is almost identical in length to the commute I had before moving.

The housing addition where we live has a wheat field across from it. The drive home not only takes me over the Arkansas River, but also has me passing by sod farms and acres of corn. Driving over the river each day and seeing the sun glimmering off the east or west revives my spirit, encouraging me for the day.

Anyway, the “bloglahoma” blog will be taking on more of a northeast Oklahoma flair, and serve as an outlet for some thoughts and observations that come from change.

Thanks for reading.

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