Mental Health Break Time

While I spend a good deal of my day writing and editing, it’s a much more structured process, and it includes looking at spreadsheets. So, I’m going to start using some of my break time at the office for these brief mental health posts.

I’ve been traveling more across Oklahoma, including several trips to Bartlesville, Okla. My time there is a re-introduction to the community. I attended half of seventh grade and all of eighth grade at Bartlesville’s Central Junior High. While those grades are sometimes difficult for students, I had a wonderful time at the school.

Being in the community recently reminds me of the things I liked as an adolescent: the arts and culture, the philanthropy, the kind people, and the unique existence of a corporate center not tied to a major city.

One recent example of how amazing Bartlesville is comes from the recent campaign for the Bartlesville Regional United Way. The campaign came in over its goal, bringing in $2.5 million. Doing the math, that’s about $70 for every person in the community. That kind of result in a town of 36,000 people is amazing.

I can’t leave this mental health post without reporting on the last meal I had in Bartlesville. It was at Murphy’s Steak House. I had the gravy over all. You can read more from the Sterns because it’s time for me to get back to work.

Break over.

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